FlexMETTM is an overlapping metal leaf style kiln seal that is suited for retrofitting equipment where harsh conditions exist.  Designed with durability in mind, this sealing arrangement is a great solution for extreme environments where heat, debris, or corrosive/caustic gasses are major issues.  Hard compressed graphite wear pads are affixed to the ends of directionally swept leaves which provide a self-lubricating surface for the sealing area on the rotating shell.  Graphite will not score the shell, but instead will polish it over time which further reduces wear.  For older equipment, FlexMET is a great alternative to elaborate sealing systems that require months of engineering and large budgets!

Although highly expensive 100% sealing solutions are available, most kiln and dryer seals on the market today, including our own, are not 100% air tight.  A recent enhancement to FlexMET closes this performance gap.  BAIRICADE, developed by Sutton International is a patented cover that encloses the seal in a flexible vapor barrier to further enhance performance.


BAIRICADE covers the metal leaf and graphite wear pad components in their entirety, thus further reducing potential flow of gasses or dust through the seal as it moves in response to the eccentric motion of the kiln shell.  Secured by the existing mounting ring, the cover flexes with the seal and is held snug to the kiln shell by a spring-loaded tension device.  As the sealing lip of the cover lightly contacts the kiln shell, it creates an envelope that completely surrounds the seal.

Typically manufactured having a woven silica cloth interior that withstands high temperatures, an aluminum backed fiberglass exterior provides a weather resistant barrier and an additional vapor barrier.  As with all our products, BAIRICADE is a completely customizable solution that can be constructed from a host of ‘fit for purpose’ exotic materials.

BAIRICADE is an optional component of the FlexMET sealing system.  It enhances seal performance and has been successful in sealing critical air applications such as biomass gasification.  Inquire about FlexMET with BAIRICADE technology today to see what it can do for you!!